Candy, Florence, Clementine, and Sherry are quietly resting after their long and difficult births. And so am I. Three weeks ago I didn’t own any mannequins and now I own several and have almost completed four of them. I delivered my entry to the Madera Ag Show last Friday at 4:40, 20 minutes before the deadline for submissions. Whew. And now it remains to be seen if they will be accepted or not. I am quite pleased with how they turned out and will be alright with the outcome, whatever it is. This is a breakthrough attempt for me, entering 2 “unknowns” into a competition that I’ve traditionally done well in, in the past. Clementine is in the Citrus category and Sherry is in Vines. The Ag Show is very unique in that entries are done by agricultural category rather than by medium.

Last Saturday, I did a demo with Julie Mitchell at Willowbridge Books in Oakhurst. It was fun and people enjoyed making faces with Julie out of self-hardening paper clay. I’d almost forgotten how much fun I had when I made my one and only spirit figure in Julie’s class.
Recently, Roy and I have been enjoying watching the hummingbirds and finches from our bedroom patio. For a long time, there were only 3 hummies but this morning there were 15! So, as we say each year, it must be the week of the hummingbird family reunion. They are such fun to watch as they dart around in formation, from feeder to feeder, methodically and quickly emptying the numerous feeders filled by Roy on a very regular basis. I don’t like to cook for anyone, least of all for the birds!  LOL