Yesterday’s frustration was because I’ve had a newsletter ready to go since the beginning of March and haven’t been able to send it because I was still working on my email list. I just can’t seem to get all my contacts in one place etc. and still be able to send mail successfully–a large mailing that is. I had a cover letter written on beautiful stationary at my recently reactivated .mac account. I added the attachment and was told I couldn’t use the stationary. I took away the stationary and was told the attachment had to be compressed. I sent it all and most of the addresses (on .mac) were rejected. I copied everything and sent it on gmail last night and today it doesn’t show up as sent mail. But I got some returned addresses and Roy got his letter complete with a viewable 2 page newsletter. 
So right now, I have no idea where I am with the whole newsletter/email list project. No one responded at all which makes me think it wasn’t sent. I’ll see what materializes by this evening and then I may do my Charlie Brown scream again!