I used to say that all my paintings had a little “human touch” somewhere–a smudge, a tiny imperfection in the cutting of the mat, a hint of the miniscule blood droplet left when I sliced myself on the edge of the plexiglass as I finished the framing job etc. etc. Now, a painting doesn’t seem complete without at least one cat hair between the mat and the plexi or glass. And this is a graphic explanation of why that ever-present “kitty touch”exists!

This is “Miss Kitty”, our very talkative, affectionate, demanding and art-loving girl cat! Of the 3 cats (and the other 2 are males to be introduced soon, hopefully!),  she especially loves to be in the studio with me. Today, I was preparing/gesso-ing some board books to make a few small samples for my upcoming “Artist Books and Journals” class and she had to be there supervising me every step of the way! We do love our pets, don’t we? Are your pets as helpful (or even MORE so) as you work in your studios? I’m sure you must have similar stories to share. Please do–I’d love to hear them and pass them on!