. . . . for a Karen Knutson workshop hosted by the San Diego Watercolor Society. I took her “Painting With Metallics” class a couple of years ago and loved every minute of it. This four day class is on design so I can hardly wait! Even though I dislike the long drive from home to San Diego, I have really enjoyed the 2 workshops I’ve taken there before. Plus, I’ve learned SOOOOO much and come home really motivated to paint. Tonight, I’m packing and gathering supplies so this will be a short post. During the week, I’m hoping to capture some of the process with my camera and share it in my blog each evening. That’s the plan, at least, but I also like to paint in the evenings. I’ll try my best to keep up with my commitment to blogging every day, even if it’s just a sentence or 2 or a photograph. More again very soon!

Think about past workshops you’ve taken and how you’ve felt before them, during them, and after them. Anything you’d like to share about your experiences in the comments section would be valuable. Do they motivate you and inspire you to move out of your comfort zone? Do they depress you? Are they too competitive? Too fast paced? Too slow paced? I look forward to hearing from some of you about workshops you’ve taken, in whatever media. And I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts, as this workshop progresses.

PS. I just discovered that the San Diego club has a nice blog! Check it out at sdws.org/blog