I just realized that I hadn’t seen my post from yesterday on my Facebook page so I came to Blogger to check. There it sat in my list of posts, still a draft and never published. So I hit the ‘publish’ button and off it went. And if that weren’t odd enough, there was another post from a few days ago that was also still a draft. Strange!? I must have gotten interrupted (or more likely, interrupted myself!) before I took the last step in the process. In any case, two posts that were drafts are now published posts and I’m actually here “showing up” so that’s a third small blessing for this beautiful Sunday.

Anita and Randy Morris own this 18″ square wallhanging. I now have a second one available.
This is the second one that is now available. Ultimately, I will do
at least 4 of them and each one will be different, in terms of borders,
colors etc. This one is very “lime green”,
which I personally am
attracted to. 🙂

Quiet day, in terms of customers, but a productive day in terms of getting work done. We have to finish the taxes and that will be off our shoulders for another year. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to enter my income and expenses each month rather than waiting until December or January for the end of January deadline. So far, I’m only 2 1/2 months behind. 🙁 Another resolution was to set aside my collected taxes each month so that paying the Board of Equalization wouldn’t hit so hard next January 31st. So far, I’m only 2 1/2 months behind on that, too. . . . . . I plan to try to catch up on both promises I made to myself. 🙂