Today I drove to Oakhurst to deliver postcards and flyers to Timberline Gallery and then see Julie Mitchell and Vivian Helena Aumond Capone in a show at the Positive Living Bookstore in Oakhurst. It was a beautiful show and it seemed to be very well-attended. I fell in love with  a yellow angel muse by Julie and a tiny yellow comfort doll by Vivian. So both came home with me and I will treasure them. Julie and Vivian have very “complimentary” pieces that show very well together–Julie’s spirit dolls and Vivian’s art quilts, journal covers and comfort dolls.

The wildflowers on the way up and down the hill to Oakhurst are absolutely phenomenal right now. Yellows, golds, blues, purples, and the ever-present white popcorn flowers. Take a drive, if you can, and see them!