Before I get back to work, I’ll try to answer I question that I recently received about inserting  and adjusting photos into a blog post. I’ve always struggled with getting the photos WHERE I want them, with having them the desired size, and with moving them once I have them in place. Well, it seems to me that recently Blogger has made some improvements in the process which make it all much easier and move successful.

Now, you just choose the little picture icon to the right of the work “Link” on the toolbar at the top of the post box. Once you select it, you see a box that asks you where you are getting the photo from on your computer. Choose “Browse”, find the location (I usually put it on the desktop for easy retrieval but it can be in a folder anyone on your hard drive) and select 1 or more photos. Once you see them in the window as an image (or images), then–making sure you have your cursor where you want the image to be in your post window–say “OK” in the photo upload window.

Hopefully, once you select OK, your chosen image will pop right in place in your post. Then, you can click on the image and it will bring up a bar at the bottom of the image that allows you to pick size (small, medium, or large) and placement (left, center, or right). You can do this with one photo at a time if you have multiple images to insert, just making sure that you’re working with the one that (in my program, on my computer) has a light yellow frame around it in the upload window.

If the photo isn’t in the right place, it now seems much easier to “grab” it  so that it has the handles showing in the corners and to move it to the desired spot in your post window.

Maybe all I’ve done is confused you, but maybe that will help in working with the insertion of photos into your own blog posts. Good luck and good blogging! Let me know if you have more questions about the process.