The “Art For Life” Project took place today in my home studio/gallery and this tripich was the final artistic outcome. Artist Iris Duarte and 3 wonderful women–Krissy, Joanne, and Linda–joined us plus Linda’s caregiver. We came together as strangers, and we left as friends. It was a very positive experience for me as an artist and I know Iris felt the same way.

It could have felt very threatening for 3 “non-artists”, but they were so positive and willing to try anything and so helpful, supportive, and encouraging to each other. The morning began with an idea and a plan and evolved into a much more personal statement by each of the 3 women as they elaborated on the theme of “how my ideas or thoughts about love changed during my experience with cancer.”

Just like the weather outside–rain and wind ALL day–all was not bright and sunny. There were and are concerns and fears and they came out during the 9AM to 3PM work time. Hopefully, each of us found the day and the project to be part of the healing process, whether or not we have personally had cancer ourselves or had a close relative or friend with it.