And I haven’t been very good at my goals for the week. I haven’t worked on the painting or the quilt. I think I am putting off the painting because I don’t like it and I think I may be able to feel better about it after next week’s workshop. I may wait to work on it until Robert Burridge has worked his magic on my mind! The quilt scares me–it’s just doing the first row of machine quilting, I think. Can I remember which foot to use? Can I get the huge thing through the machine? But Saturday is still young, as she were–I’m going to try to do ONE row of stitching before I go to bed tonight and see if I can allay my fears of beginning.

The stack of squares (3 sizes) and scraps
The 6″ squares on the plastic covered cardboard

On the third goal, 
I’m doing better. 
I have all the sheets of 
300# watercolor paper cut 
into 6″, 10″ and 12″ squares 
plus bookmark sized scraps.

Today, I gessoed the 6″ and 12″
squares and all the scraps. The scraps
are 2″ X 10″ and will just be for testing colors/techniques
etc. though I may use
them for bookmarks eventually. I don’t
waste ANYthing, especially when it’s
expensive 300# paper.

The scraps/bookmarks (2″ X 10″)

There are 42 10″ squares
and I’ve done 10. 
So, I need to do 32 more
10″ squares and I’ll be done 
with the “grunt”part of 
getting ready for the 
Looks like an abstract painting, doesn’t it?