. . . . . I must be WAY ahead of my usual pace! Often, I am cutting mats and putting frames together into the wee hours the night before the show in the morning. I am determined to NOT be doing that this week on Friday night. So, I gathered everything I needed early in the day today and have cut 2 double mats (30″ X 38″) and lots of little mats out of the scraps and have 2 of the paintings ready to go! Can you believe it? Tomorrow night, just one more and I’ll be done! Then if I run into a snag, I still have time to take care of it. The 2 that are finished I am pretty pleased with. I think I won’t post photos of them until after Saturday, plus I should have photos of the 4 paintings that are at the photographers this week to put up also. Are you photographed out? Is anyone talking to me any more? I need feedback and conversation now and then. 🙂 To be a happy camper. . . . or a happier camper!!