I just picked up 2 paintings from Aaron Mullins at Mullins Editions in Clovis after having them photographed, archived for future prints, and made into cards. The 2 paintings are at opposite ends of the 10 year span of time that I have been painting. One, “Flamenco”, was done either in 2000 or very early 2001 and the other, “Alice’s Adventure”, was done in the summer of 2010.

Flamenco is a full sheet watercolor (22″ X 30″), framed to 32″ X 40″ and floated on a cobalt blue background with a light top mat. It was done in an afternoon, wet into wet, at the end of a day-long Saturday class with Monte Guynes, the master of wet into wet paintings. Nothing but watercolor was used in the painting and I called it Flamenco right away because it made me think of the rose(s) a flamenco dancer might hold in her teeth.

“Alice’s Adventure” was done in the summer of 2010 and I started it on an Art Hop evening at the Art Stand Gallery when Cheiko Delgado and I were “sitting” and no one came in all night. I had one sheet of paper and my pallete with me so I just started “doodling” colors and shapes out from a small circular shape. One thing led to another and this vertical 30″ X 22″ painting (matted and framed to 38″ X 30″) was the outcome. The painting incorporates pen work, dry wall tape, a bit of gold leaf here and there, and some glitter. At the very end, I added the darkest darks and all of a sudden I was thinking of Alice in Wonderland’s fall down the staircase. I think it is currently my favorite painting that I’ve done.

What I’d like you to think about and comment on, if you’d be so kind, is how are these 2 paintings painted 10 years apart, different in subject matter and style, still alike? Or do you think they are? Please comment
here on my blog or you can email me or post a comment on Facebook. I’m dying to hear your thoughts
and then I’ll tell you mine.