The title is a saying of Shiela Boyd’s and I hope she doesn’t mind my using it as my post title for today. I am SO EXCITED to have fairly successfully updated the look of my blog. I added a new background called “Fairy Dust” and a new header that I did myself using Photoshop Elements more successfully than I am usually able to. Yippee Doo! 🙂

It feels nice to have a new look, rather like getting a new hair style after looking the same way for a long time. I never had a background other than just the plain black before but I find “Fairy Dust” just glitzy and sparkly enough for my taste. And I loved “Juicy” as my header but it was just stuck there in the middle of the space, rather obtrusively and rather badly. This header uses “And the Ring, Please?” more successfully I think and I plan to change the header photo periodically. Now I just need more followers! I have 16, which is wonderful, but I should have more than that by now. If you are reading this blog and you’d like to receive notification when it’s updated and have your photo (Facebook profile photo, blogger photo or ???) shown as a follower, please scroll down the right hand sidebar until you see the Followers area and join me as a follower here on “Mixed Messages.” And maybe you know someone else who would like to follow me also. Let me know, if that’s the case. And I thank you profusely for doing that! 🙂

I  have 112 Fan Page fans on my Facebook Fan Page so I think I should be able to do better than 16 followers on my blog. I try not to post the same info both places although my blog posts are linked to Facebook and my posts are linked to Twitter. Everything is becoming nicely interconnected and I am becoming more technologically proficient by the day. Now if I could just master Photoshop Elements and Twitter, I’d be feeling pretty good about it all. On the other hand, I just heard of another social networking application called “Google Wave” that I’ve never heard of before yesterday. Oh, well. . . . onward and upward. Maybe tomorrow I’ll check it out and see what other mischief there is to get into. 🙂