Lunch at Panera Bread and our almost daily trip to Lowe’s. They are getting to know us by name after the last 2 weeks! Today’s photos show more of the pond, the island with the bat box in a tree, what’s left of the old BIG dock (about 16′ X 16′) and the root ball of a HUGE eucalyptus tree that got pulled out of the pond last Saturday. The pond is still very low because we needed to get the docks framed, at least, and the tree out before the water starts flowing again on the 15th of April. Roy doesn’t have much time left to get the big one started, but he will make it, I think–judging by the rate of the last 2 weeks! We have a great yard for entertaining in, relaxing in, and painting in–we just want it to be as nice as it has the potential to be. The last couple of years, we haven’t done much on it and it needed a lot of work. So, it’s really taking shape now.