I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned, just since starting this little blog a few days ago! Tonight I was successful in adding a slide show of 10 paintings at the bottom and also a counter. Yesterday, I tried to do both and couldn’t make either one “happen”. But I got it today. Yippee!

Rather than send out a notification to everyone that I want to know about “Mixed Messages,” I chose 12 people to send it to as a sort of trial run. So far, people have sent back positive responses and have been able to successfully navigate it so I guess I’m on the right track. What I can already see is that I’m going to have to get busy both painting and with the camera to be able to add an image each time I post because once I’ve used an image with a post or in the slide show (gallery) I will try to NOT use it again. (Off she goes. . . to paint or charge the camera. . .  AND to get her “ducks all in a row!”)