Once a month, a group of artists meet together in a Critique Group format. We have a potluck dinner, visit, and share artwork from many different genres. Each month, we paint to a specific topic and tonight’s subject was “The Eyes Have It.” No photo of my new painting, but I had a wonderful time doing a rather unusual painting incorporating lots of I’s, Ayes, and Eyes! It was really fun! I am including a photo of the sheet that I made for it that I will put beside the painting at the Reedley Opera House show later this month. I’m making a sign for each painting–one copy goes on the back of the painting so that there is a little information accompanying it at all times, and one copy will be posted beside it when it is shown.

It seems to make a big difference to people as they view a show if there is some sort of explanation about the painting–it’s subject, the materials used, a short story about it’s development etc.–to read as they look at the show. My observation is that they spend more time looking at the paintings and they talk more to each other also. The interaction is very interesting and it makes the show more “friendly”, it seems to me. We’ll see how it goes when I do it again at the Opera House. It also makes it possible for people to have some insight into the paintings if they see them when no one is there to talk about them, after the reception date.
In addition to the signs like this one, I am making a listing of all the paintings in the show with the same description and a thumbnail shot of each one. I make copies for people to take with them in case they want to refer to it later or to call me with questions etc.