Today’s photos show you a more finished view of “Candy”, mannequin #1. I am working on “Clementine” now and have an idea for “Flora”. This sounds pretty crazy, I know, but it is really fun, Fun, FUN to do these 3D figures with collage. All the same elements and principles of design still apply but it’s a whole ‘nuther ball game working on a 3D surface rather than a 2D surface.

These photos still don’t show the finished figure because I’m working on some beaded ribbons to add at the bottom. They may take as long as the rest of her has taken so far! I’ve also added some straps and trim and one little pink rose, plus a few details with a silver pen. You’ll see them in the next–hopefully better–photo!
She is called Candy because she’s pink and white and very sweet. 🙂