I made the title statement mainly in reference to my blogging experiences. But, really, it’s true in ALL areas of life. Today at my Marketing Salon session, I learned SO much from the other 6 participants. And that has been true every single time we’ve met over the last weeks. It is so nice to be able to share thoughts, hopes, dreams, and concerns with like-minded artists and to laugh with them, too. I’ve enjoyed the relationships that are developing and I hope that we continue them after the 9 bi-weekly sessions are completed.
What I’ve learned regarding the blog today is about the insertion of a calendar. I’ve been trying to add one for a while–not too seriously until 2 days ago–but I wasn’t able to get one that worked for me. And I’m still struggling with it but it is there, at least! I just did a little calendar in a program I have called Print Shop Deluxe, saved it as a PDF (which did NOT work), and then saved it as a JPEG. I added it as a “gadget” to the top of the right hand sidebar, but it’s too small to read. So, I have uploaded it to aDrive (my free storage area) and if you just click on the small version, it will allow you to download a large, readable version of it. Right now, it’s only a very basic calendar. I need to add more dates etc. and I also need to figure out how to make it sharper and clearer. But you see what I mean about learning a lot! I think it should help to keep my brain sharp and my wits about me–IF it doesn’t all drive me crazy, which is another possiblity. Technology is so fantastic, but it can also be extremely frustrating when things are going well. Learning new technological skills definitely develops patience!
And Patience should be, and probably will be, one of the words in my “Words Series.” But it isn’t yet. Today, I’m going to show you the painting of “Integrity”–and I love the definition of integrity that I remember from years ago. Integrity is doing what you know is right even when no one is watching! So, on that note, I’ll upload the painting photo and say my goodnights for now. Tomorrow, I’m going to explain about how to have my newest entries/posts sent to you via email. I’ll do my best with the topic and then maybe you can give me some feedback about whether you’ve been able to do that successfully, and if so, HOW so?? 🙂