. . . . which translates to “Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhh!”

I am trying to take all the suggestions I’ve been receiving “to heart” and trying to make the appearance of my blog take more of a back seat to the artwork itself. What you see right now is a very different approach than I’ve ever tried before. A different header, the use of my logo rather than a photo of a painting, a more subtle color scheme, and a natural, fresh look, I think.  I’m not sure it’s “me” but maybe it’s not supposed to be “me” maybe the ART is supposed to be “me”.

Oh, well, it’s all been fun and a good learning experience. I still cannot do what I want to with the header as far as sizing it and centering it because I don’t speak html or css. 🙂 If anyone can help me, so be it and if no one can, so be it too–for tonight at least. Tell me what you think, if you’d like and I promise to listen and try to improve.