At the Claremont Packing House, a shopping/dining/learning/living mall in Claremont CA. This is all built in an old historic building that was a packing shed for either peaches or lemons–long before what it is today.These photos are not in very good order and I can’t arrange them well, but I’m going to post them as I can, because if I wait till I figure out how to make them look better, it will never happen! You will definitely see magic in what has been done with a very awkward space. . .

Miracles CAN happen!

Outside at one end of the “Packing House”

A Community art center for all ages

                                                            Some of the shops and restaurants. . . . 

A bookstore of donated books, with proceeds going to the Prison Literacy Project                                           
One of the restaurant menus

A very old door that must be original to the building–it hangs on the 2nd floor landing
A huge project made from folded, twisted cardboard boxes etc.
There’s a comedy club on the second floor too


There is a great yarn shop on the second floor
And a piano studio on the second floor, too.


Looking down on the first floor from the second. On the 3rd level, are Loft living spaces!