Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. This is usually a very slow time of year, but this year it hasn’t been. Since the ACA show went up almost a month ago in Visalia (and comes down tomorrow), I have had an Art Hop event at Planet Java in North Fresno. I was skeptical of how it would look because of the wall colors and the rest of the coffee shop decor, but when I hung it on March lst, I was actually very pleased with the result. I picked the paintings that had red in them, for one thing, rather than pastel ones with pinks etc. Most of the building is red, brown, dark greens etc. It comes down soon and next I will have a larger, higher (on the wall) and longer show at the Sanger Library in my own home town.

I want to reiterate one thing in this fairly short post that is going to be the first of many, as I get back to more regular blogging. People get discouraged when nothing sells at a small show or hanging and they often stop trying. I never have high expectations of a lot of sales at the actual event but I always keep an open mind that something will come out of the event at a later date.

And that’s what has happened this week–over a month after the 3 month hanging at Ramos Torres Wine Tasting Room in Kingsburg. Last Tuesday when I was sitting at the Art Stand Gallery, a young woman came in to look around. It was so amazing to find out that she was trying to find the artist whose work she had seen at the tasting room over a month ago. She went back and the show was gone and she is leaving the area in a month. The amazing thing was that I was there the day she came in and I was the artist she was looking for. She wound up buying a 24″ X 30″ matted print of “Vino Vignette” to take back to West Virginia, where she is from. She is working in Sanger but is ready to move on to another assignment in Baltimore. Wasn’t that a lucky happening?

And. . . . I had an email this week from someone wanting to take private lessons because they saw and loved my work at the tasting room also!

And. . . . a man who lives and works in Greece is coming back for a visit to the valley the end of this month. He bought a painting last time he was here (at the Art Stand) and I added him to my mailing/newsletter list and I just had an email from him saying he wants to see my work while he’s here again.

So, the moral is:

Never, Never Give UP! Keep painting, showing, talking, writing, emailing. . . .  and expecting great things. And they will happen! 🙂