When I started the “30 Paintings in 30 Days” challenge on January 1st, my intention was to post my new painting every day, for all to see. Well, we are now on Day 20 and I have only showed you the first 4 paintings in their earliest stages.

Rather than get terribly behind and stress myself out, I’ve decided to show you the first 20 in this post and try to do better on the last 11. The theme for my “31 Paintings in 31 Days for $31” series is “Signs and Symbols”. Each 5″ square painting shows a symbol and a word which that symbol represents. Here are the first 9 symbols:

And the second nine:

And number 19 and 20:

So now we are sort of “caught up” on the progress of this series. As of right now, five of them are sold: Immortality, Energy, Duality, Growth, and Royalty. Twenty are complete, eleven remain to be done. I will try to post every day or 2 until the series is finished. When all 31 are complete, they will be professionally photographed and then be ready to go–mounted, but not framed–to their new homes for $31 (plus tax), each. Stay tuned for further developments!