Whoops! This week has gotten away from me. But I promised to let you know each week how I was doing on my 2 goals of painting something new each week and finishing up something old also. I had them done yesterday but didn’t have a chance to post until today.

GOAL # 1 (New Painting):  I worked on a large acrylic painting this week and am making good progress on it. I finished 3 small origami paper “paintings” that I call “Mini Ori’s”. Here they are on the table, finished, with the mats and materials next to them and another small painting also.

They are each priced at $45.00 plus tax and make nice gifts because they are small. The images are 4″ X 6″ and in the frames, they are each 5″ X 7″. They have a hanger and a stand so they can either hang or be displayed on a shelf or table.

I went to Aaron Brothers and bought frames and finished them up and here are photos of 2 of them.

They are made of beautiful Japanese origami papers, cut and glued in place in symmetrical and/or asymmetical designs. Each one is unique. There is no painting in them because they are all collage.There is some gel pen line work to finish them.

I also completed another small 4″ X 6″ painting that I call “Illusions”. It is framed to a little larger  8″ by 10″ and I may enter it in the Clovis Art Guild Miniature Show the end of this month. Here it is in a mat, soon to go into a copper metal frame.It doesn’t show up very well on the seat of the kitchen chair but you’ll get the idea.

GOAL # 2 (UFO or Unfinished Object): For the second goal of the week, I cut a lot of business cards that had been in a pile forever and I painted the edge of a giclee on canvas (“Parallels”–words about women and wine) so that it can be hung without a frame if desired. Price: $140 plus tax.

Did I meet my goals this week?
Yes! Could I have done more? Yes!

Tomorrow is already “Melodramatic Monday” and it’s time to pick the projects for the week again. I think I’ll choose them now and show them tomorrow. I want to complete the acrylic (Goal #1) and start machine quilting a flannel quilt that I’ve been putting off getting started on. Photos tomorrow. . . . .