One of my goals for this year it to “upgrade” my wardrobe, both my day to day work wear and my “special event” wear. When I was a school administrator, I dressed very differently than I dress as a full-time artist. So, what does an artist wear, you ask?

Hmmmmmm. Well, THIS artist dresses very simply. I usually wear jeans and layers of T-shirts and socks. I guess I dress like I paint, in mixed, colorful layers. LOL

For example, right now I have on:

•blue jeans (more like leggings almost, probably from WalMart or KMart)
•black socks with red short socks (scotty dog motif)  over them–$1 at Target!

•silver Archapedico flats
•a red $5 tank top (worn backwards so it shows more color)
•black henley T-shirt bought on sale about 6 years ago at Chico’s. 

•Brighton necklace that has multiple charms on a ring on a chain. I love it because the little palette charm hanging in the middle says “Art is Life!” There’s also a little laptop charm, multiple colored spacers, “You Only Live Once!”, “Dream”, “Joy”, a four leaf clover, and a  black L.O.L.

•red and black glasses (just readers, so I can have different colors)

I get up, get dressed, fix my hair and put on makeup EVERY day and I never go out looking sloppy. My clothes are inexpensive but I  make it an artistic endeavor to look “put together” and a little quirky, as I think an artist can do and get by with.

Try it! You might love it, too! Next topic? My latest piece of “special event” clothing. . . . .