Why didn’t I do this before? Knowing that my “production” goals are important to me in 2009, why haven’t they been at the top of the blog where they are always in sight? I just moved them up and you’ll know when I’ve changed the numbers (as I did today) because the format/”look” will be different. I am still way behind where I should be since we’re over half way through the year, but I’m still moving forward–and that’s a good thing. 🙂

Something that I forgot to mention a few weeks ago (at least I think I forgot!?) is that I had a windfall in terms of Arches watercolor paper. An artist was selling her supplies and I got 37 sheets at a very good price and a brand new portfolio to safely store the paper in. I now have no reason to be stingy about paper because I have enough to meet my goals for the year without buying any more. It really influences my actions when I’m down to 1 or 2 sheets. I am much more hesitant to freely start a painting at any time when the paper is in short supply. So now I can truly say yet again–“But it’s ONLY a piece of paper!”