I’m still spending a lot of time in the studio, working on a couple of new paintings (1 large, 2 small) and considering how to finish off a lot of small ones from a while back. Some are finished and just need to be signed, matted, and framed (or bagged) and some I am still looking at, trying to decide just what it is that they need. I have set a goal for myself of trying to complete 1 large painting and 2 small paintings each week this year. I’m not sure that I can do it, but I am certainly going to try! The small ones are easy–it’s the large one that sometimes takes longer than a week from start to finish. But if I can average 1 a week, that works for me!

Just think, if I could do a large painting a week, that would be 52 in a year! Amazing!? A lofty goal, but it sure would be nice to add that many new paintings in 2009. Just putting it in writing makes it something to strive for even though I’m getting a little bit late start since it is February 10th, as I write this. I’m going to leave it as my goal and see if I can play “catch up” and still make it! I am not saying that quantity is the most important thing here–I want quality, of course. But I am not a slow painter so a painting a week is not unrealistic if I work hard in the studio almost every day.